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Do you think is BME a good path toward a career in medicine and dentistry?

Discussion in 'Medical & Biological Engineering (BME)' started by MD. Sojibul Islam, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. MD. Sojibul Islam

    MD. Sojibul Islam Administrator Staff Member

    If a student has an interest in engineering, then BME is a wonderful path to medical school. Contrary to public opinion, one does not need to major in biology to be admitted to medical or dental school.

    The undergraduate BME curriculum provides a strong preparation for both medicine and dentistry. Courses required for admission to medical and dental schools fit naturally into a BME student’s program of study. The same problem solving skills that are at the core of an engineering education are essential in diagnosing and treating patients. As both medicine and dentistry become increasingly dependent on technology, engineering skills will even more valuable in medical and dental practice.

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